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DIY guide: Design Your Own Tote Bag with Pilot Pintor Markers

Are you ready to add a splash of creativity to your everyday tote bag or any fabric project? Look no further than Pilot Pintor Markers! These versatile markers are the ultimate DIY-pen, perfect for unleashing your artistic talents on fabric.

50 Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Any Kid

The most enchanting season of the year is almost here, and there's no better way to make your children's Christmas magical than by creating a Kids' Edition Advent calendar.

Here's 50 creative ideas to create a DIY Advent calendar for your special little one. 

50 Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Any Stationery Lover

The most magical time of the year is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than with a handmade Advent calendar filled with delightful stationery surprises?

Here's 50 creative ideas to make a DIY Advent calendar that will warm the hearts of any stationery lover.


When we sit down with pen and paper we create small moments of calm and focus, creativity and flow. We want to bring more of those free spaces to life and become your preferred analogue partner in a fast-paced hyper-digitalized everyday life. 


Our vision is to slow the pace of everyday life. We want to inspire you to take your time and never forget the value of breaks. We wish to create everyday design items that invite people into a quiet and calm setting.


All our paper products are made in Europe with the finest Scandinavian paper qualities. Our designs are timeless and thoughtfully made with respect for the environment. To us sustainability has many facets and we keep asking ourselves: how can we improve?

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